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Luie Tito F. Guia is a lawyer and an electoral reform advocate.

He was born in Dagupan City and grew up in Binmaley, Pangasinan. He went to the University of the Philippines in Diliman for his Political Science and Law degrees.

Although his first real job was that of being an elevator operator at the Hyatt Terraces Hotel in Baguio in the summer of 1983, his first serious work engagement was with the Commission on Elections after finishing his law studies in 1991. It was there where he developed his passion for electoral reform work. It was also there where he met his wife, whose passion for electoral reform matches his.

Luie Guia worked as an executive assistant in the office of then Philippine Commission on Election (Comelec) Chairman Christian S. Monsod between 1992-1995. Later, between 1996 and 1998, Comelec engaged him as a consultant to the office of then Commissioner Regalado E. Maambong.

After his Comelec stint, Atty. Guia became a private law practitioner.  But he maintained his electoral reform work by being actively involved in  groups like the National Movement for Free Elections, Consortium of Electoral Reform (CER), Libertas, and the Legal Network for Truthful Elections or LENTE, among others. The range of his electoral reform advocacy includes election administration reform, campaign finance reform, political party system reform, election dispute resolution reform, and voter education. He has written on campaign finance laws and on campaign finance reform (2007, 2010), the Automated Election Law (2008), and on updating the legal framework of election (2008 and 2010), among others. He was invited to talk before judges (Philippine Judicial Academy), lawyers (Mandatory Continuing Legal Education), and before civil society organizations, on automated election laws and processes and on campaign finance. He has likewise been invited to share his knowledge and experience on various election topics in Thailand (2007), Indonesia (2010, 2011), Maldives  (2011, 2013), Kosovo (2012), Papua New Guinea (2012), Libya (2012, 2013), Kenya (2012), and in Kyrgyzstan (2012, 2013).

He acted as the Executive Director of LENTE. He was appointed Commissioner to the Philippine Election Commission in April 2013. He is now trying to survive public service.


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