The Blogger and the Blogsite

Luie Tito F. Guia is a Filipino. His main interest  is election and politics. He is not a politician though, and does not see himself becoming one. He just enjoys being a political watcher, a pundit, and sometimes, a heckler.  He involves himself in civil society advocacies, most of which are in electoral reform. He is a father to one daughter and a loyal husband to his wife. He loves food. He is a rice lover. He loves Filipino (and spicy Asian) food served with rice, and will never trade his tapsilog, adobo and sinigang with even the fanciest western food offered to him. He regularly plays badminton for health reasons and for taking away the stress that naturally comes with his job. Basically a liberal thinker, he believes in free and open exchanges of ideas. He abhors hypocrisy and sweeping judgments, especially on issues of morality.

Likewise for health reasons, he will endeavor to avoid eating his Extra Rice and instead convert it into his thoughts to be shared with whomever may be interested or whoever may find them instructive and useful. Luie Guia is not a writer but he will just blog for whatever it may be worth.  Henceforth, let My Extra Rice do the talking.


2 thoughts on “The Blogger and the Blogsite”

  1. too bad for chickboy . . . but very good for the country. keep it up pardner.

  2. Gustav-Adolf said:

    Try to eat Brown Rice. Sadly the Health Department of Pinas does not promote this healthy option. By rights the Brown Rice should be cheaper than the White. There is less work (polishing the grain) involved. The healthy stuff (Darak) is sold as pig feeds. So more income to the rice mill and less work.

    The public would go for cheaper rice if promoted that Brown is better and cheaper. Ask the very few producer why Brown rice costs more. All the crappy answers you get.

    Blogg about that if you have the time. It should be promoted by the Health Department and get people off the white stuff. Reduce the diabetic population.

    Thoughts of a “Long Nose”.



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