Re-blogging what I wrote in July of 2011 in this site. Registering/validating your registration way before the deadline in 31 October 2015 is more important now than before. Now, the law says “No Bio, No Boto.” Exercise your right by registering early.

My Extra Rice

Last Monday, July 4, 2011, I finally decided to go to the Commission on Election Office in Quezon City to have my registration as a voter validated. I shared the thumb and forefinger print of both of my hands, as well as the photo image of my face, to the Comelec’s voter registration data capturing machine (I am not sure if the machine now is still called DCM). For the first time, I witnessed and participated in a “biometrics taking” project intended to improve the integrity of the voter registry.

I have been a registered voter since the general registration in 1997 that started the system of continuing registration. I made sure that my name stayed in the list by voting every election since then. But I had also been lukewarm about submitting myself to previous registration validation projects because of alleged corruption in the purchases of equipment and machines…

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