It has been quite a while since I’ve written a blog. The change in my circumstances may have something to do with the blog hibernation. Anyway,  writing what goes on in my mind is what this blogsite is all about.

More than a year and a half since rejoining government as a commissioner of the Commission on Elections, I still need to adjust from being an election pundit, to one subject of pundits. It has not been easy being in government. My wife definitely did not cherish my appointment, although she has been giving me valuable advice in my work from the start. She longed for our past quite and simple existence.  It does not help that people who I associate with before are now relentless in their criticism of the institution, which I, and my colleagues, have been trying to help develop and improve.

I have always said that I myself was once a critic of the Comelec whenever there are matters that needed criticism. However, I had also always made sure to offer realistic solutions and alternatives, conscious and aware of the circumstances and limitations. In fact, I had made myself always available whenever an opportunity for me to contribute came. I am proud to say that, even before I joined the poll body, I had contributed to the strengthening of campaign finance enforcement and in adopting adjudication rules under an automated election system in the Commission. All of these were possible because Comelec was willing to listen.

I can also say that when I joined the poll body, I was able to understand and put in the right context some of the many issues I personally had against Comelec. I can attest that there are a lot decent, committed and skilled employees inside the Commission. What the institution needs is the capacity to show to the public about the hard work that its employees are made to do. Yes, there are a lot of things that are far from ideal. But this does not mean that all hope is lost as is portrayed by some of the commission’s fiercest critics. Things will definitely be better. Things are actually a lot better now. Teaching an elephant to dance takes time. Please give Comelec the opportunity to prove itself worthy of the people’s trust. Allow us to earn the people’s trust- your trust. Your Comelec is now more than willing to listen. We need your support. Whatever happens, Comelec  will be the one running the elections. You just gotta give us a chance.