My new circumstance prevented me from sustaining this blog. It was “shock and awe” for me to be back again in government, this time, in a position that carries with it great responsibility. Having partly recovered, I find it alright to resurrect my foray intro blogging, ever hoping that I can contribute to the electoral reform discourse.

A lot of things has happened since my last post. But more exciting things will certainly come – many things to write about.

As when this adventure of mine started, writing for the sake of writing shall be my motivation – whether or not there are interested readers.

Meanwhile, I am watching the announcement of the results of the Scottish plebiscite. What struck me right away was that the election officials announcing the results also reported ballots which have been invalidated and took time to explain why they were so invalidated. Such transparency should serve as an example to those managing elections, including myself of course.

till then…